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Item Specification Series OT-C
Standard ;
Total controlled axes 2 axes
Simultaneous controllable axes 2 axes
Circular interpolation G02, G03
Variable lead thread cutting G34
Reference poing return G27, G28

2nd reference point return G30
9" CRT/MDI Monochrome
Dweel G04
Backlash compensation
Self-diagnosis function
Main program/sub program
Skip function G31
Program stop/program end M00/M01/M02/M30
Coordinate system setting G50
Pocket calculator type decimal point input
Programming input of offset data G10
Inch/metric conversion
Tool nose radius compensation
Conversational programmingwith graphic function
Constant surface speed control G96, G97
Actual spindle speed control
Spindle speed fluctuation detection G25, G26
Tool offset mamory 32 pairs
Simple tool lift management
Direct input of offset value measured A
Direct input of offset value measured B (Tool setter)
Part program storage length 120m
Registered programs 125 pieces
Background editing
Multi-language display English, Japanese
German, Chinese, French, Korean, Italian. Spanish
Run hour and parts count display
Graphic display
Multiple repetitive cycles G70~G76
X-axis diameter/radius programming


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